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Experience a new concept of training:
Guided self-preparation in the hybrid format of online/stage practice
Join the online course now and prepare for the Berlin seminar in 2018
03 Jun 2018
A new hybrid format of actor's training
For many years, The Vertical of the Role method, created by Dr. Jurij Alschitz, has been a classic in European Theatre. Now it is easily accessible for anyone who is interested.
Discover your individual path as artist. Prepare yourself independently in a flexible online environment, but in dialogue with a teacher. In the practical seminar you will receive the teachers’ support to open up new ways of acting and embodiment. The next seminar will take place in Berlin in 2018.
Start online today and decide later whether you want to participate in the seminar.
Find out more about the Vertical of the Role seminar.
Watch Dr. Jurij Alschitz's introduction to the Vertical of the Role.