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Goin out to all whose primary goals are roten to the can have the money and gain the whole world with the absence of Christ you are nothing...infact you can't survive.
Posted by Thymus
Hook (Refrain):
Money in my mouth, money in my pocket)
Money in my wallet, walk around the whole world)
Minus Christ in my mouth, Christ in my pocket)
Christ in my wallet; minus Christ I’m not alive)
Can’t survive in this life)
1. Christ bought my life with his life on wholesale,
Why choose to lose it or sell it on retail,
If the game is more numbers in the bank,
In Christ my soul is more than a black card in my pack,
At my back I leave them digging success in luck,
In luck, that’s where they’re stuck,
Like inception team, in many dreams, risky themes,
Why win the whole world and lose my soul,
Christ is my Door to real life everything I love plus a better wife,
Christ is thy path, yeah! Life I’m searching,
Even on the field I’m working for the gain and the savings,
Can’t save me minutes to breathe (chorus)
2. Think about the pain, the crown of thorns on the cross,
The flesh and the blood that were shed for the boss,
The freedom to the coins that he tosses and he boasts,
The papers that he signs with a pen on his desk,
Thinking about money wouldn’t pay
Your rights from wrong or strong for a week or a day,
Add a single hair in your head make grey,
Figure out how you got here and that age in your ways,
Tell them what you fear when you’re scared,
Tell them what you know or heard about God and money with a verse,
Ladies, who do you serve between God and money in a purse?
God is coz broke never gets you heartbroken (chorus)
3. Thank God I know the reason why I’m put here,
Coz some people don’t even know how they got here,
That’s why they’re giving ear to the noise in the air where truth is rare,
Living for lentil things we can touch and see, that’s how they share care,
Under roof of heaven we’re serving masters and not the Master of those masters,
Leaving God offended and grieved by sins we need to spend serious time,
Thinking about what this means, turning from religious systems for Christ
That is what I mean; I mean living like a king,
Doesn’t credit you direction for Christ’s attention; the antidote is confession (chorus)

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