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WCC Creative Skills trainer Michael Mutisunge Phoya talks about the value of the programme for Africa
"The need for training/internationalisation of Malawi’s arts cannot be overstated. One of the challenges we face is a lack of understanding of concepts underpinning the heritage industries on the global stage. The workshops will not only help us assess our current positions but also how we can position ourselves favourably on the global market." - Michael Mutisunge Phoya
WCC Creative Skills trainer Michael Mutisunge Phoya (Muti) shares his thoughts on why the programme is so valuable for artists, creatives and cultural workers in Africa in his latest blog post. Read the full article here.
Michael also recently featured in The Daily Times Malawi and appeared on Zodiak TV and Star FM to talk about about WCC Creative Skills training programme. The deadline for applications for the training in Ethiopia and Malawi is Friday 16th October - find details on how to apply on the WCC Opportunities section.
Michael Mutisunge Phoya is a Malawian author, filmmaker, and historian. His research interests include questions of public culture, heritage and memory in the Malawian context, impact of open technologies on Africa, and the status of Africa’s archival heritage. Muti has authored several books including the entertaining travelogue Walks of Life, the Other Side of Malawi (Central Africana 2011) and Malawi, Lake of Stars(Central Africana 2011). He also contributed to A Memory this Size – The Caine Prize for African Writing 2013(New Internationalist 2013).