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• Video: 4 52-minute documentaries - including one nominated for an Emmy Award in 2005, and 12 educational films.

• Radio: 6 million regular listeners for Afghan women voices, the first radio station by and for Afghan women;

• Travelling movie theatre: Close to 1 million viewers;

• Press: 5 million readers receiving supported publications in 5 years, including Parvaz, the first magazine for Afghan families;

• About 1,000 trained students and journalists;

• A team of volunteers, and media professionals from Afghanistan, including women (a third of its members);

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In Afghanistan, Aina seeks to assist the cultural revival by supporting independent media production and filmmaking. Its Afghan Media and Cultural Centre has become a focus for Afghan media development in Kabul. The Centre functions as a training centre for journalists and has also supported the publication of numerous magazines. It also trains cinematographers in co-operation with Afghan Film and has also developed a touring film caravan programme, again in collaboration with Afghan Film, with a view to bringing film to outlying areas of the country.
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