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As an Multidisciplinary artist, my works are of moments, places, environments and people; time present in seconds and minutes, which can only be preserved through documentation, as memory is fleeting and easily forgotten or transformed. My work is often marked by an exploration of rural vs. urban life, namely the accelerated pace of development and social infrastructure. I work with a multitude of techniques and materials of which the result may be mixed media painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography, sound or performance. I produce works that explore the personal and the universal that investigate the invisible systems of power that govern everyday existence, and which instigate debate among viewers without conventional ink on paper. My works are insight for those who see little; an inner voice for those who are deaf. My works speak for the voiceless and send petitions to the super powers. My works are like mud - only those who speak the truth can walk through and survive it. They say words are like eggs - when they fall, they can’t be easily packed into their shells again.
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