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WCC Q&A: International Art Transport, Shipping & Logistics with Momart
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WCC Q&A: International Art Transport, Shipping & Logistics with Momart
World Cultures Connect presents a new series of online Q&As with experts on topics relevant to international working. As the third in the series, on 1 December 2015 WCC invited Julie Prance, Head of Coordination at Momart Exhibitions Department, and Steve Gourley, Momart Business Process and Compliance Manager to share their advice on shipping artwork abroad. Below is a summary of the conversation.
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This document is a summarised version of the Q&A webinar on international art transport, shipping and logistics held on 1 December 2015 by World Cultures Connect and Momart.
Momart have also prepared some links that you might find useful, which are included at the bottom of this document.
JP: Momart was established in 1972 as a fine art shipping and logistics company. We have over 40 years’ experience working with a variety of art institutions. Our clients include national museums, private collectors, galleries, artists and auction houses and we offer a wide range of art logistics services including packing, handling, specialist installation, storage, project management and shipping overseas as well as within the UK.
The questions we’ve had cover a huge area so it won’t be possible to answer everything in specific detail. We are happy to be contacted if you need specific advice about a particular project or situation. We are based in the UK so, while we work and ship all over the world, we don’t necessarily have our own offices in those countries. We work with a network of partner agents so we can put you in touch with someone in that network and advice on the right person to speak to if you are dealing with overseas works.