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WCC Planning & Managing Projects Toolkit
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WCC Planning & Managing Projects Toolkit
Following intensive training workshops held around the world supporting professional development and international mobility under the Culture Works programme, World Cultures Connect E-Kit Resources have been created to allow arts and cultural professionals to access a selection of the wealth of tools we use in our training sessions online.
The training is aimed to increase artists’ and creative practitioners’ current practice and explore how to access local and international markets, how to progress professional development, marketing and business plans, the benefits of digital tools, networks and innovations, and new opportunities for connecting and collaborating with audiences and partners.
We have a unique practice-based approach to professional development and support, and in this respect these tools are most beneficial as part of a second phase of development for those who have taken one of our courses in-person, however they are also excellent supplements for good practice in assessing and building your creative business at any stage.

We also encourage readers to create a profile on World Cultures Connect - our digital hub for international arts and cultural professionals - to join the existing community, promote their work, discover new ideas and intelligence, and connect with new partners, audiences and markets.
Download the Planning & Managing Projects Toolkit prepared by WCC lead training consultant Kate McBain here: WCC EKIT PJCT PLANNING
Culture Works Connections is supported by ACPCultures+, ACP-EU support Programme to ACP cultural sectors, implemented by the ACP Group of States with the financial support of the European Union.