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4. Miss Miles (The story of "Ah Born Right Here")
(4 min 39 sec)
Posted by Lancastltd
(Part 4 of 4) Cecilia Salazar as MISS MILES the Woman of the World, patriot and "whistle blower for all seasons", from the play by the same name, appears at The Barrack Yard Tent Experience for this 2015 calypso season singing this song written for Gene Miles by Black Stalin in 1971. Gene actually sang the song in Lord Kitchener's Kaiso Revue that year. This work is a tribute by Cecilia Salazar and Lordstreet Theatre Company to Ms. Gene Miles, Mr. Michael Als and Dr. Leroy Calliste. Produced by Navid Lancaster. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lyndon Andrews of 5Z1 Productions. Video by Timmy Mora, Naima Mohammed and the team at Visual Art. You can hear the song via the link below.